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TEEEL (Jim Smith) is a electronic music producer/songwriter from New Jersey, founder of Synth Records (Synthemesc Recordings) and iheartsynths.com. Inspired by the 80s new wave movement, Teeel credits his sound to marathon movie watching and being an obsessive gear head. Creating music in a 10×10 teal painted room, stacked with synthesizers and guitars, TEEEL produces music that ranges from hypnotic vocal synthpop to dreamwave and dark electronic rock.

TEEEL – “Overtime” (Coming 2/22/18)

TEEEL – Hydrostatic

TEEEL – University Heights

TEEEL – Amulet (Moodgadget)

TEEEL – “Amulet REMIXED” (Moodgadget)



“Upon initial listen, immediately evident are those fantastic 80′s synths; no doubt Jim Smith did a fair amount of New Order listening growing up. But retro isn’t the only name of the game; listeners of today’s featured song, “Dark Passenger”, are sure to hear the New Order influence, but they’re just as likely to think of electronic contemporaries like The XX and chill-wave crafters like Washed Out and Toro Y Moi. If you have a pension for this type of European/electro dream-pop, you need to look no further than Teeel. This is an artist we’ll be paying close attention to.”
-KEXP Radio

“Teeel’s second album, University Heights, showcases Smith’s knowledge that great songs should be built on the bones of strong melodies, the meat of catchy hooks. The songs are strong enough to appeal to music fans who may usually steer away from any genre with “wave” in its name. With sharp, sometimes icy synthwork and dark, foreboding guitars, University Heights manages to reference the past while still looking to the future.
- The Owl Mag

“Jim Smith, the sole-creator behind the dark and dreamy synth-pop that is TEEEL, is a tireless man. One who has many, many tricks up his sleeve. While one minute he’s executing a fabulous remix, the next he’s dishing out press releases for the latest talent he locks in on for his own record label, Synthemesc.”
- What’s Protocol

“Smith’s production skill is exemplary – he has the sickly smarts of recent wunderkind Toro Y Moi or Flying Lotus in his well-honed sound, and while he might be using this to create music that was probably perfected almost twenty five years ago, it gives the songs an odd sheen that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. Well worth diving in to”

“What Smith manages to understand is how, despite the dark trappings and minor chords, the best synth bands still manage to create a thin and airy environment for one to cry all over their creepers. Tracks like “Dark Passenger” and “Sweet Camero” are pure keyboard bliss, instrumental at their heart, with just enough Panda Bear in the vocals to appeal the kiddies. “Black Diamonds” is easily the best track on the thirty minute album, much darker in nature and closer to the proto-industrial of Canadian wave pioneers Moev.”
- Mishka Blogin


TEEEL – Galilean Moons
directed by Teeel

TEEEL – Dark Passenger
directed by 76rwc

TEEEL – Centauri
directed by Haulin Oats

TEEEL – Zoltan
directed by e604e

TEEEL – Deadites
directed by Frank Yorba

TEEEL – Crystal Lake
directed by Cheezus Christcracker

directed by LueurVerte

TEEEL – 88mph
directed by ChambersVsDolph

TEEEL – Marx on my Heart
directed by Teeel

TEEEL – Triangle Waves
directed by Synesthesiae Films

TEEEL – Masterplan
directed by Ants on Whales

Monster Rally – Story Ends (TEEEL Remix)
directed by Synesthesiae Films

TEEEL – Corduroy Swell
directed by Teeel

TEEEL – Corduroy Swell (Datassette Remix)
directed by e604e

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