The four-piece band from Boise, Idaho known to the universe as Shades bring an eclectic mix of woozy melodic synths, crunched drums, smooth vocals and sweet vibes. “Clear Motions” is a fantastic collection of songs that flow brilliantly into each other. A mix of chillwave, dance rock and shoegaze electronica that warms the soul.

Shades – “Clear Motions”


“There’s an excellent balance between the guitar, synth and vocals such that none of the elements is overwhelming but the combination is powerful. Aptly named, you’ll need shades to listen to them with sound so bright it’ll give you cataracts. Save that ten dollars you would’ve spent on a movie night and buy Clear Motions on iTunes instead. If your date is worthwhile, they’ll understand. They might even want to listen, too”

“The Boise, Idaho four-piece produce waves of swooning electronics with reverb laden vocals. Shades are barely a year old, yet they have a uniqueness and personality that constantly throws surprises at you. Instrumentation rapidly shifts, flutes, percussion and guitars will enter and exit on a whim. Shades debut is very impressive, expect the hype to follow.”
-Sounds Better With Reverb

“All in all, Shades’ debut didn’t disappoint me in any way. On the contrary, it exceeded every expectation I had and is one of the easiest listens I’ve experienced this year. Emotion-driven chill wave with infectious beats and melodies”
-Violent Success

“Usually I’m skipping around the web trying to listen to as many different artists as I can while looking for new music, but after I put Shades album Clear Motions on, I didn’t skip or change a track on it until it finished. I found myself being completely content with what I was hearing. Content may not sound like a compliment, but when you have Music-ADD (may also fall under the term “Easily Distracted”) like I do, it’s rare that something will hold my attention for that long a period of time.”
-Dead Horse March


Shades – Clear Motions (Promo Video)

Shades – Ghostlike (Official Video)

Shades – Gone (Official Video)

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