Reflex.Ion is the abstract, soulful, downtempo output of Chicagoland based Robert Holub, who began work on music at the very end of the 90s, and has been working on everything from the outlandish to the serene since the early 2000s. A Computer Engineer by day, striking, deep, contemplative musician by night, Holub has an extensive knowledge of hardware, software, sounds and samples, and has no fear of manipulating anything in between. The ultimate goal: to achieve a sound that’s as much a joy to listen to as it is to make. Creating soundscapes that take the listener to another place, even if only in their mind. A place of solitude, comfort, and reflection. A place where dreams and thoughts can play out like cinema, with Reflex.Ion’s music simply placing the backdrop, the emotional tug that belongs in the movie that you didn’t think was there, until it was gone.

Reflex.Ion – “Translocation”

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