In On It – “Against the Sun” COMING 9/14/2018

Another Green World – “Video Ritual”

Soft Lighting & MIEARS – “Say Something” (Produced by A$AP P on the Boards)

TEEEL – “Overtime”

SR-041 LIVING PHANTOMS – Memory Palace

SR-040 Synth Records – THEMES

Enjoy this free movie-inspired instrumental compilation featuring 14 killer artists like ÆON RINGS, ONTHE88, Black Orchestra, Tiny Wight, Polygrim, Miears, RPR III, Sexxes, Hiram, George West and more!

SR-039 Polygrim – Descent

POLYGRIM is back with his sophomore six-track EP titled “Descent”. This time around, producer Volodymyr Dzitsiuk has refined his sound to build a solidified and detailed representation of moments in his life. Using synthesizers to create hovering bass and delicate floating tones, fragments of percussion and thick driving beats, “Descent” takes you on a voyage. POLYGRIM says, “I am teaching myself to be grateful for every single moment and aware that everyone has their own descent, which makes you drop the unnecessary and keep up with what you truly love. This became the background to this recording, which perhaps has a saudade sound to it: a bit melancholic but at the same time optimistic, slightly nostalgic yet liberating, highly detailed but not without its organic flaws and hesitations.”

SR0038 ONTHE88 – TECHnically HUMAN (COMING 9/16/16)

A release from Drew Porras’ “ONTHE88″ on the Synth Records label, has been a long time coming. The seven tracks that make up this Mini-LP, document a period of musical growth for the Los Angeles native, that ranges between 2014 up to July of this year. Blending a diverse range of electronic styles and live instrumentation, these compositions do their damnedest to shed any “Lo-Fi” or “Bedroom” aspects of previous releases, in favor of a more pop centric approach. Big and ebullient, while angular and sleek, the music included here is meant for cathartic releases in the form of full bodied expression.

SR0037 BLSHS – Hold On

SR0036 Soft Lighting – CASCADE

In Spring 2013 Soft Lighting linked up with A$AP Mob in house producer, A$AP P on the Boards, and began working on a series of tracks over a three-year period. The result was over an LPs worth of material, which was ultimately distilled into the five track Cascade EP.

Cascade is a true collaboration, a blending of two artist’s styles, resulting in something new. Soft Lighting and P on the Boards started by sending pieces back and forth online, but eventually met in person at the A$AP pad in Brooklyn. They spent a week together in the studio along with the A$AP crew, a time which proved to be bittersweet as the legendary A$AP Yams died just days later. RIP Yams.

The album’s title refers to the flood of emotions that accompany personal hardships. Subject matter on the album includes, mental illness, nostalgia, relationship instability and loss of a loved one. It is in many ways a documentary of two artists and their lives.

SR0035 TEEEL – Montage Scene

TEEEL leaves his comfort zone of writing electronic pop songs to bring forth a supercharged electrowave instrumental album. This is a “pay what you want” support campaign for the next TEEEL album. While working on the “Retro Wave” sample pack for Loopmaster this past year, TEEEL wanted to write a fun and over-the-top album to share with his fans.

SR0034 Griffin Washburn – Griffin Washburn


SR0032 Polygrim – Pivot

Polygrim is the glitchy, vibrant and emotive electronic project of Ukrainian musician Volodymyr Dzitsiuk. By mixing synthesized and live elements, Polygrim shares inspiring stories packed in fragile melodies, fractured rhythms and saturated atmospheres. All the parts are combined into worrying and touchy electronica music, walking the edges of downtempo, idm and future hip-hop.Polygrim was founded in late 2014. New yet aspiring artist, he thinks of music writing as the best way of sharing love with the world. The debut EP “Pivot” tells about the greatest powers keeping our world afloat. It contains seven dynamic, melodic and sometimes moody tracks. This work is a blend of touchy motifs, vintage bass lines, foley sounds and massive frames of rhythms.

SR-031 Alexis – Love Or Temptation

Alexis – Love or Temptation, is a sleek sounding journey through the topics that make up the foundation of any great pop record. Love, sex, break-ups and starting over are among the key points here. Forbush’s often low register voice is best suited for this subject matter and the fit is obvious throughout the album. Recorded and mastered at River City Studios with Austin Ruhstorfer and Roy Wallace in Grand Rapids, the album marks a real upping of the ante in content and production styles. With a west coast tour in the works for early 2015, Forbush and Hurst will be keeping busy in Michigan with press, promotion and album release parties in addition to new videos, remixes and DJ events. Let the music take you over indeed.

SR-030 – ÆON RINGS – Floods

From meeting in Brooklyn in 2011; Davey Partain and Chuck Flores soon became fast accomplices in what soon became ÆON RINGS. With menacing dance floor burners and soaring synth work this Brooklyn synth pop duo is a numbing spectacle of light and sound. Lovers of the soundscapes of Blade Runner and 80′s revival, their dark and emotive songs are anything but dated. With a seamless blend of hooks, melodies and dark intensity. They’ve been welcomed by a vast range of audiences.

Enjoy the Covers: A Tribute to Depeche Mode

A Tribute To Depeche Mode brought to you by Synth Records, Trick Or Treat Radio, and Enjoy The Covers is an unabashed love offering laid at the altar of the Greatest Electronic Band of all time and presented to them by the bands they influenced! Formed in 1980, the songs of Gahan, Gore, Fletcher, and company have been influencing synth slingers and electrophiles from day one.

Please enjoy this collective of artists as they apply their own styles to tracks that run the gamut of this legendary act’s catalog, from obscure B-sides like “Corrupt” to hits like “Never Let Me Down Again” and every dark corner in between.

SR-029 – DATA TWINS – Let’s Make it Tonight

SR-028 – STRi – ATOM

SR-027 – BLSHS – Abstract Desires

SR-026 – Violent Success Presents: Retro Future Compilation

SR-025 – Be The Wolfe – Stranger Apparitions

SR-024 – Suicide Forest – Through the Cemetery

SR-023 – Secret School – Domestic

SR-022 – Ana Lola Roman – Even Assassins Have Lovers and Romances

SR-021 – Various Artists – Amalgamation

SR-020 – Another Green World – Haunted

SR-019 – Soft Lighting – Portraits

SR-018 – Profound Perceived – Walk With Me

SR-017 – Skeleton Beach – Half Life

SR-016 – Moon Pollen – Think Less, Feel More.

SR-015 – Various Artists – Noozik

SR-014 – Another Green World – Vision Quest

SR-013 – Soft Lighting – Glamour Shots

SR-012 – AIMES – Beautiful Decay

SR-011 – Another Green World – In Dreams

SR-010 – Secret School – Ghost Ocean

SR-009 – Soft Lighting – Slow Motion Silhouettes

SR-008 – TEEEL – University Heights

SR-007 – Shades – Clear Motions

SR-005 – Crozet – We’ll Be Gone By Then

SR-004 – Reflex.ion – Translocation

SR-003 – Silver Sea – Procella Perfecta

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