Moon Pollen



Moon Pollen is a 4-piece electronic music group from Argentina that was formed in 2010. With the combination of analog and synthetic sources, they create music influenced by the relation of art and sound. Moon Pollen crafts lush and hazy music with touches of new wave, indie electronica and shoegaze. With traces of reverb-drenched synthesizers, distant vocals, hypnotic guitar tones, all-accompanied with artistic representations of their songs, Moon Pollen is appropriately titled.

Think Less, Feel More. EP


“How could something named “Moon Pollen – Shine” be anything but perfect summertime chillwave? This beautiful track, which will fit nicely on trip-to-the-beach mixtapes, is a fully developed song with the rare feature of a brief but sublime guitar solo. It will have you feeling like it’s summer 2010 again… A debut worth noting.”

“I wonder if Moon Pollen is a real thing? I could easily Google this to find out but I’ve already made up my mind that it is. I don’t know why I believe it but I think listening to Moon Pollen’s, Think Less, Feel More, makes me want to believe it. Something about them makes you earnestly believe in unknown subjects. Maybe it’s the synths or the astral vocals, either way, I’m all about taking a break from reality.”


Moon Pollen – Shine

Moon Pollen – Gazela

Moon Pollen – Everything Gets Blurry

Moon Pollen – Vara

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