Beginning as a late night musical outlet during the last year of college for John Helmuth, Crozet was formed with the much needed help from long-time friend and musician Sean Lee. Creating an epic wall of sound, built out of huge drums, creamy layered synths, reverb-drenched vocals, and rich guitar tones, Crozet’s musical direction blends emotional John Hughes style film scores with an influential synth-pop background. After a year of compiling and organizing 13 completed tracks, Crozet released two albums with Synth Records titled “Alterations” and “We’ll Be Gone By Then”.

Crozet – “We’ll Be Gone By Then”

Crozet – Alterations EP (FREE)

This Free EP from Crozet covers the likes of John Waite, Yo La Tengo, Geneva Jacuzzi, Memoryhouse and Teen Daze. Enjoy the beautifully crafted album filled with fuzzy synths, pulsing bassline and 80s drum machine beats. Crozet comes through with their distinct sound and really does the originals justice.

Download HERE


“Let’s face it, there aren’t many groups that can float with in the clouds with present gods of electronic pop music, but Crozet, a new duo out of Philadelphia that recently released their debut album We’ll Be Gone By Then, pack a divine punch strong enough to go toe to toe with their heavyweight competition. Crozet’s well crafted debut shows signs of brilliance and a group that is far beyond their bedroom bandcamp counterparts. We’ll Be Gone By Then is a mature synth-pop record that shows Helmuth and Lee’s knack for composing emotional and infectious pop records that will inspire, motivate, and invigorate a multitude of listeners and 80s babies.”
-Blog Soup

“I’m in complete synth overload right now.  That’s a good thing. Philadelphia’s Crozet lay the electronic dreams down thick on their newest We’ll Be Gone By Then – full on based out synth ripe for any neon adventure.”
-Pasta Prima

They create absolutely stunning synth driven music. From the moment you press play below you are instantly captured by their sound.


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