BLSHS (pronounced Blushes) is a synthpop trio from Houston, TX. Combining Chris Gore and Rick Carruth’s 808-heavy, southern twist on 80s synthpop with Michelle Miears’ hauntingly powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, their music evokes emotion that will grab hold of your your heart and drag it to the dance floor.

BLSHS – Hold On

BLSHS – Abstract Desires EP

BLSHS – Just Wait

BLSHS – Change


We love us some sweet, sad synth-pop here on Rocks Off, and were very pleased to make the acquaintance of Michelle Miears and her band of beep-and-boop-iteers BLSHS (pronounced Blushes). They’ve got the same MIDI-magic that make Bang Bangz one of the best acts in Houston, and part of that reason is the fact that Miears has a voice like some sort of mythical seductress. It’s a high, soft wail that if you heard coming over the Irish countryside, you’d be certain meant someone had died.
- Houston Press
“BLSHS – or ‘Blushes’ for those of you not in the know – are currently taking the Soundcloud world by storm with their synthetic pop potential, so we suggest you keep a firm eye out from here on in. The Texan trio gain some serious momentum in “Change” with a musical slam-dunk of static synths and bellowing blips which contrast beautifully with front women Michelle Miear’s angelic vocal tones. And for all you eager beavers out there, stay calm; the band is set to expand their twinkling empire with the release of their debut EP “Abstract Desires” and a brand new single in the not so distant future. Hear, hear!” – Gay Times Magazine

“Houston, TX is known for a lot of things, but pop music isn’t one of them. While many may not know who BLSHS are now, that’s about to change in a hurry. Within the first few moments of hearing ‘Just Wait’, I instantly knew I had stumbled upon something truly special. With a foundation of airy synths and clicky drums beneath Michelle Miears’ ridiculously gorgeous vocals, there are few tracks this summer that will make you want to move more.”
-Violent Success

“A synth-and 808-heavy slowburner, it has everything you could ever want from 80’s-inspired synthpop: warm analog basses, reverb-drenched tom fills, epic side-chained synths, huge swirling leads, and a moving and soulful lead vocal..The kind of music BLSHS make requires just as much love and labor as heavy innovation, it’s just energy invested differently. “Just Wait” is clearly the result of a lot of love and attention to detail—from the emotionally nuanced and masterful production, to Miears’ enchanting inflections and tenacious vocal delivery.” – Cassette Rewind

“BLSHS (pronounced ‘Blushes’) are a synth pop trio comprising of the beautiful Michelle Miears, Chris Gore and Rick Carruth… Miears’s towering celtic-esq vocals are a far cry from the skyscrapers of Houston as she sings about a change for the better. We love the 80s vibe on this track, and who ever thought panpipes could be so cool?”
- Indietronica

“BLSHS breaks the time capsule with a familiar cadre that bounces between the analogous gear that could have been easily over-produced but the 3 combine a cosmetic aural elixir that smears the scattered concrete pebbles into a patient pointed sign to tomorrow and now.” – Impose Magazine


introducing: BLSHS from SpaceTiger on Vimeo.

BLSHS – Live at Fitz from SpaceTiger on Vimeo.

BLSHS – Chased By Memories (Live) from SpaceTiger on Vimeo.

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