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Hailing from Jackson, Tn., John Christie started Be The Wolfe in 2011. Inspired in part by the post-punk movement of the late 70′s and early 80′s and newer dream-pop and Chill-wave artists such as Teeel and The New Division. Be The Wolfe’s debut ep, Stranger Apparitions, was released on Synthemesc Records November 5, 2013. Be The Wolfe has very high hopes for the future and the pasts reflection on it.

SR025 – Be The Wolfe – Stranger Apparitions



‘Brighter Scenes’, the lead single of Stranger Apparitions, is a dead-ringer for something The Cure would think of, if they only dabbled heavily in electronica. The ambient guitar riff is terrific. ‘Some Kind Of Storm’ slows down the pace, as it features a pounding bass line coupled with brisk synth undertones. For some reason, the track reminds me of a genre hybrid between electronica and witch house, but without all the dreariness that’s usually attached to the latter. The vocals in the song are unintelligible with static murmurs floating around brittle, post-punk guitars, attaching an enigmatic sort of feel to it.‘Less Than A Spectre’ sounds as if it just got shot straight out a time machine from 1984. Who couldn’t imagine this synth ballad playing in the background of Sixteen Candles as Sam and Jake kiss? Finishing out Stranger Apparitions is the gloomy, heavily synth-laden ‘Lame Horse’, which is like if slowcore met electronica and hit it off. Christie really mixes up his genres well, and I get the feeling that Stranger Apparitions is markedly different from the typical electronica and synth pop bands that currently pervade the scene. Whether the synth revival will continue its ascent remains to be seen, but Be The Wolfe shows that the genre can evolve and, most likely, will need to heading into the future to truly survive. And as rabid synth lovers, we should be so hopeful… 7.3/10″
- Violent Success

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