From meeting in Brooklyn in 2011; Davey Partain and Chuck Flores soon became fast accomplices in what soon became ÆON RINGS. With menacing dance floor burners and soaring synth work this Brooklyn synth pop duo is a numbing spectacle of light and sound. Lovers of the soundscapes of Blade Runner and 80′s revival, their dark [...]



AIMES is the production moniker of Alabama born, Brooklyn resident, Aman Ellis. Armed with a plethora of gadgets and toys, Aman spends his time bridging the divide between the organic tones of his guitar-playing past and the lush oscillations in his present writing. His adventuresome style of synth-wave space pop explores vast sonic territories, keeping [...]



One adventurous night in Chicago and a six mile walk later, Dan Hurst and Matt Forbush started what would soon become Alexis. The two create infectious pop drenched with synthesizers, melodic and fun vocals. With an eclectic and hypnotic stage presence from Matt and Dan’s instrumentation and knowledge for quirky, yet sexy synthpop and energetic [...]



Memphis-based musician Alec West (Another Green World) has been creating solo music since 2007. He is Influenced by 80s new wave, synthpop, and shoegaze. Another Green World hosts a warm tape-saturated sound with playful guitars, drum machines and synthesizers with distant and soft, dream-like vocals available now. Facebook Bandcamp Twitter


Be The Wolfe

“Be The Wolfe is a synth-pop/electronic/post-punk outfit from Jackson, TN. Chandler Dyer provides the bass and keys while John Christie takes care of drum programming, guitar, keys and vocals.



BLSHS (pronounced Blushes) is a synthpop trio from Houston, TX. Combining Chris Gore and Rick Carruth’s 808-heavy, southern twist on 80s synthpop with Michelle Miears’ hauntingly powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, their music evokes emotion that will grab hold of your your heart and drag it to the dance floor.



Beginning as a late night musical outlet during the last year of college for John Helmuth, Crozet was formed with the much needed help from long-time friend and musician Sean Lee. Creating an epic wall of sound, built out of huge drums, creamy layered synths, reverb-drenched vocals, and rich guitar tones, Crozet’s musical direction blends [...]


Data Twins

The Data Twins, a Californian nu80s EDM duo founded by Chris Kann and Hopper Post, could best be described as an exploratory transfusion of late 70s to early 80s art aesthetic. Their uplifting vocally driven style is energized by Chris’s custom drum machine the Micro Linn / MX and his original analog modular synthesizer design. [...]


Griffin Washburn

Griffin Washburn was born and raised in Memphis, TN. With heavy influence of Youth Lagoon, Ty Segall, Twin Peaks, and many other garage and surf bands, he manages to pull of a nostalgic surf sound with hints of neo-psychadelia. Along with his fuzzy vocals, reverb-drenched guitars, Griffin uses subtle electronic drums and delicate keys. This [...]


In On It

In On It formed in 2013 by Alex and Jason Bramer. Together they create 80s-influenced electronic pop music, highlighting the dreamy textures of the past and the danceable essence of modern synth music. Powerful percussion, smooth vocals, atmospheric synthesizers and sleek production techniques really come together to for the “In On It” sound.


Living Phantoms

With an arsenal of vintage analog synthesizers, drum machines and effects, ”the one time metal head and Jesu associate serenely slowdives into shoegaze” ( with the debut full length from Living Phantoms. Since the project’s inception 3 years ago, producer Will Benoit has released a series of remixes for artists like Ellie Goulding and Bad Rabbits, and also explored new sonic territory [...]


Moon Pollen

Moon Pollen is a 4-piece electronic music group from Argentina that was formed in 2010. With the combination of analog and synthetic sources, they create music influenced by the relation of art and sound. Moon Pollen crafts lush and hazy music with touches of new wave, indie electronica and shoegaze. With traces of reverb-drenched synthesizers, [...]



ONTHE88 (Drew Porras) is a 22 year old native of Los Angeles, trying to sonically recreate the moods and atmospheres of hazily stored memories from early childhood. Like a worn VHS tape, these memories are always warped and distorted, never rendering a clear picture, and so their sonic counterparts take on these qualities as well. [...]



Polygrim is the glitchy, vibrant and emotive electronic project of Ukrainian musician Volodymyr Dzitsiuk. By mixing synthesized and live elements, Polygrim shares inspiring stories packed in fragile melodies, fractured rhythms and saturated atmospheres. All the parts are combined into worrying and touchy electronica music, walking the edges of downtempo, idm and future hip-hop. Polygrim was [...]


Profound Perceived

Profound Perceived is a solo project inspired by a fascination with the rhythm and sounds of the 80′s. Artfully combining elements from your favorite 80′s soundtrack with lo-fi textures, blended with layers of dreamy synth waves. Creating a sound that is nostalgic yet uniquely modern.



Reflex.Ion is the abstract, soulful, downtempo output of Chicagoland based Robert Holub, who began work on music at the very end of the 90s, and has been working on everything from the outlandish to the serene since the early 2000s. A Computer Engineer by day, striking, deep, contemplative musician by night, Holub has an extensive [...]



Boston musician Andrew Sutherland also known as Secret School creates a unique blend of electronic music. His landscape is immediately recognizable – drum machines, organic synthesizers, reverb-soaked guitars and ghostly vocal samples paired with rich lyrics. Sleek production and the role of the voice is a key part of the Secret School sound. Secret School [...]



The four-piece band from Boise, Idaho known to the universe as Shades bring an eclectic mix of woozy melodic synths, crunched drums, smooth vocals and sweet vibes. “Clear Motions” will be released in January. We’re very excited to share a fantastic collection of songs that flow brilliantly into each other as warm waves grab the [...]



Born out of Los Angeles based synthpop trio Color Cycle, Skeleton Beach is Justin Hamilton’s solo effort and production alias. An amalgamation of analog synths, washed vocals, and plucked guitars, Skeleton Beach smears the line between 80′s melancholy and shoegazey nostalgia. Their debut EP will release in late summer 2012.



Soft Lighting is the solo work of Bryan Cox, Kansas City based musician/producer. Equipped with a Juno60 and a bedroom studio, Cox makes his own brand of light headed pop music influenced by Italo Disco, 80s film soundtracks and contemporary Chillwave artists.



STRi is an electronic music project born in Pesaro (PU – Italy) in early 2011 by friends Alberto and Nicola. Bringing together their experiences in Alternative-Rock, they wanted to experiment with new electronic sounds. Creating longer guitar sequences, with added voice and electronics, they merged them together to create a mix of ethereal sounds and [...]


Suicide Forest

Suicide Forest is a Dark Wave/Synth Pop duo based in Memphis, TN consisting of members Alec West, and Paul Rhodes. Influenced by Early 80′s Gothic, Dark Wave, industrial, as well as Horror Films, the duo creates gloomy, poetic, synth pop drenched with analogue synthesizers and drum machines.