AIMES is the production moniker of Alabama born, Brooklyn resident, Aman Ellis. Armed with a plethora of gadgets and toys, Aman spends his time bridging the divide between the organic tones of his guitar-playing past and the lush oscillations in his present writing. His adventuresome style of synth-wave space pop explores vast sonic territories, keeping a close affinity to other-worldly psychedelia and interstellar weirdness.

AIMES – “Beautiful Decay”


“‘Every Time When I see You’ is classy, analog, vocal DiscoPop, with a strong 80’s feel. The bassline come straight from early 80’s Pop and provides the backbone for a whole range of influences to play over. Disco guitar riffs, Tropical percussion, hints of Acid and lush Nu-Disco synths…” – Electronic Rumors

“The opening track “Your Floor Is Now A Tree” grabs your attention and the gentle build up eases you into the unknown.” -Eurotrash Music

“It’s full of fat bass funk, Paradise Garage inspired kick-snare tales, and layers of arpeggiated synths. Glittering star scape melodies and robo-clap rolls make a couple brief appearances, while bells and triangles tinker in the background.” -BushwickBK

“Your Floor Is Now A Tree is one of those works that flawlessly transports you to another time and place.” -The Get Downnn

“Your Floor Is Now A Tree is a beautiful piece of work. It’s a novel condensed into the span of fifty minutes.” – On My Radar


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